Understanding How We Work

BTC Distribution is a wholesale distributor based out of Colorado with a special focus on Amazon FBA Retailers.

We have been offering products to our customers for over 3 years and are always ready to answer questions. When you first register an account with us, we require a valid resellers certificate for your business before we are able to sell products to you.

resellers permit example

We send out daily emails to all of our customers on our email list with individual offers.  In the product email, you will see the product title, product image, ASIN or UPC, Cost, and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).  Below is an example of what you will receive in your inbox.  Note: Please make sure to check you junk email and add sales@btcdistribution.com to your email safe list and/or contacts.

BTC Distribution Product Email Sample

The link will take you to the Amazon listing so you may do your own research.  If the product is something you are ready to make a purchase on, all that we ask for is a purchase order to be sent.

Why Does BTC Distribution Request a Purchase Order?

The short answer, it helps us weed out the serious buyers from the not so serious buyers.  We get many emails every day and many of our new customers have a lot of questions and are looking to build a relationship (we will have an article on that later).

When an order comes in and a customer just says, “I’m interested!”, I almost always skip that email because,

  1. Sometimes they do not reply to product email so I have no idea what they are interested in
  2. This customer may not have done their research and this tells me that they will most likely cancel the order after I have sent them an invoice.
  3. I have no idea what to invoice them for i.e the total quantity that they want, are they gated or ungated etc.

This is why it’s important to have a purchase order on file.  It will allow me to process your order much faster and get you an invoice to secure the product and you will have a better chance of securing the product before others do.

Here’s an example of what a purchase order would look like.


Product Availability

BTC Distribution Amazon Wholesale Products

BTC Distribution has a lot of customers that we work with and some that buy from us daily.  We work on a first come first serve basis.  Sometimes the product sells out within minutes for many reasons.  Sometimes we only have the MOQ available and/or it’s a fast seller on Amazon and two or three customers right out the bat bought them all.

Here are some tips on how to get in front of the competition to secure products with us:

  1. Be familiar with our payment acceptances and policies (bank wire)
  2. Understand your business model so you are able to research a product much faster
  3. Become familiar with your Amazon research tools
  4. Learn to see key points that will stand out in your product research
  5. Communicate effectively with us at BTC Distribution
  6. Build a relationship
  7. Send us a purchase order
  8. Pay fast

If you are able to get these 8 items down, you will have a lot of success when purchasing products with us.  The last item I didn’t put on this list but it’s very important to review is accountability.


Be Accountable for Your Choices

There have been many times when working with customers where they have blamed us for not making money or more importantly because they didn’t read our “important messages” that are located in every product email and every invoice.

We have specific policies in place to be sure that we are able to cultivate a healthy work environment while growing relationships with our retailers.  The most important thing we will tell you is to “do your own research on every product.” If the product doesn’t make sense to you, please understand that you are not obligated to purchase it.

If you end up purchasing a product and you sent money to our bank.  The product is yours, even if you find out later that you are not able to sell it. At this point, you will need to arrange shipping to your location as we are not able to hold the product for extended periods of time.

Remember, this is your business and everything you do with your business is your choice. This leads us perfectly into the last subject of getting Ungated.


Amazon ungating to sell products

This will be short and sweet.  Amazon has recognized us as a wholesale distributor and in some cases, our invoices do work to get ungated.  Due to the nature of “sometimes,” we never will promise you that we can get you ungated in every category or brand.

With that being said, we are open to working with you to take a small payment to receive a paid invoice for that product.  If you submit it and are approved, we will check our inventory to see if we still have the full quantity available and send an updated invoice.  If you are not approved, we will issue you a company credit to purchase other products with us in the future.


We jumped into the wholesale business to assist amazon retailers to find success through honest sales and transparent policies.  We have seen many third party retailers lose money due to the many scams that exist in the wholesale world today.

Our overhead costs are low, which allows us to offer competitive pricing which is great for Amazon resellers. We do not dropship but we will ship to your Amazon warehouse after we have received the prepaid shipping labels.

We know every step of the process of selling on Amazon and what it takes to have continued success.  We look forward to working with many of you and offering excellent service.  If you have any questions, please email us at sales@btcdistribution.com