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How We Work - BTC Distribution

    • We send daily e-mails with products that we have available

    • We do not have a list of products on an excel spreadsheet or website they sell to quickly

    • In some cases our invoices have been known to get people ungated – what we ask for us 50% payment upfront to hold product. If our invoice does not workwe will issue you a credit. 

    • We accept bank wire transfer and ACH. Credit cards will be accepted once an account has been established after 5-10 orders. 

    • When placing an order we require that a Purchase Order is Submitted. This Purchase Order stands as a commitment to purchase the product(s). You can download to google sheets by clicking this link: Purchase Order Form Template

    • We ship directly to Amazon FBA

    • When we get products from our Vendors there is always a lead time of 7-10 days, but usually show sooner. If ready to ship you will see it in the e-mail newsletter. 

    • Minimum Order Quantity changes per item based on the overall quantity

    • We do perform research on the products before we send out. But, we highly encourage everyone to perform their own research on the products sent to ensure that you are making the best logical decision. 

    • BTC Distribution is not responsible for products that have been purchased and the proper research has not been performed. 

Please forward your resellers certificate to: 

We will not accept order if your resellers certificate has not been submitted.